A Very Murdering Battle (Captain Rawson)

A Very Murdering Battle (Captain Rawson)

Edward Marston

Language: English

Pages: 288

ISBN: 0749009764

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

1709. Europe is in the grip of the coldest winter for a century. Ports freeze. Cattle die. People starve. Mutiny and desertions rattle the French army leaving Louis X1V to search for peace on almost any terms. Captain Daniel Rawson acts as an interpreter at the negotiations in The Hague, feeling acute frustration when the talks collapse. While the resumption of war looms close at hand again, Daniel is given a personal mission by Marlborough himself which takes him deep behind enemy lines. If he survives, the Battle of Malplaquet, the bloodiest yet, awaits him…

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different now. They were merely producing tapestries for wealthy Dutch merchants or rich politicians, few of whom had any real taste. Instead of having a whole battlefield on which to leave their artistic mark, they were confined to smaller scales and more mundane subjects. Nicholaes Geel, the youngest of the assistants, complained bitterly about the poverty of their customers’ imaginations. Even Aelbert Pienaar, the oldest and most tolerant of Janssen’s employees, regretted that he couldn’t work

long time.’ ‘It will have to, Nick. Stocks are low in the warehouse. Until ships can sail and imports can come into Amsterdam again, we may have to slow down a little.’ Geel was carrying a heavy bale of wool with comparative ease. Setting it down carefully in a corner of the warehouse, he rubbed his hands together. ‘We’ll have to start keeping our own sheep,’ he suggested. ‘If only we had the land to do that!’ said Janssen, covetously. ‘And if only this war would end, we’d be able to get the

that he sat up and exposed the triangle of coins. The courier was punctual. He came in with a quiet smile on his face, walking past Daniel and appearing not to notice the signal on the table. He ordered a glass of brandy and stood at the bar as he sipped it, trading banter with the landlord. When he’d finished his drink, he bade farewell and headed for the door. Daniel was ready for him. Passing the table, the courier slipped the package into his hand and received a small purse in exchange. He

had such a rapid delivery that it needed Daniel’s keener ear and more comprehensive knowledge of the language to pick up everything that was said. Reclining in a chair, the prisoner might have been talking to two old friends. There was no attempt to mislead and no refusal to answer a question. ‘What may we expect from Mons?’ asked Marlborough, politely. ‘The garrison was heavily depleted when Marshal Villars withdrew soldiers to bolster his defences,’ said the marquis, ‘but it’s now been

feel the mattress on which she slept then stretching full length so that his head rested on her pillow. A warm glow suffused his whole body. Filled with excitement, he gave his imagination full rein. He longed to have Amalia beside him on the bed to love and caress. He yearned to possess her. Since that was impossible at the moment, Geel wanted a keepsake, something private and personal that he could take away with him. He needed a trophy from his visit. His preference was for an item of

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