Biggles in Spain

Biggles in Spain

W E Johns

Language: English

Pages: 212


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

'Don't move yet. I'm going out of the front door. They'll rush me then. That's your chance to go out the back way. Got that?'-'Quite clear.'-'Good! But don't think I'm exaggerating. My chances of getting out of here alive are about one in a hundred. Yours are one in ten. They'll kill you without the slightest compunction if they think you're with me. I don't know what you're doing here, but it doesn't matter. Make for London. If you get there, tell them what happened.'Biggles, Algy and Ginger accidentally arrive in Spain during the civil war. After a chance encounter with a British Intelligence agent who passes them a coded message which has to be got back to the Ministry of Defence in London, they are involved in a desperate chase to get back home with the evil chief of Intelligence and Propaganda after them.

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his emotion Ginger went as far as to contemplate the destruction of the letter, if only to prevent it from falling into Goudini's hands. In fact, he had already put his hand into his pocket with that object in view when the soldiers in front broke into a run and disappeared round a corner, so he ran after them rather than be overtaken by those behind, who were obviously pursuing him—or so he thought. But when he reached the corner, and saw what lay ahead, he recoiled with a gasp of despair. It

activity had caused it to be recalled, and Ginger had been caught in the rally. He thought of asking to be transferred to the Air Force, and would have done so had he been able to explain his position and qualifications to the French sergeant or the Spanish commanding officer; but cautious inquiry had elicited the fact that neither of them spoke English, and as he could speak neither French nor Spanish, the difficulty seemed insurmountable. The last thing he wanted was to create an impression

from between his fingers, and Biggles, investigating, found that the fellow's cheek had been gashed by a splinter. It was not a serious wound, so, with scant ceremony, Biggles dragged him aside and crouched behind the blue barrel of the gun. His fingers whitened as they took a holding*. * When it is fired, a machine-gun jerks about violently, due to the recoil of the swiftly successive shots. In order to keep the barrel steady on the target it is necessary to drag on it with a good deal of

the officer and spoke rapidly. It was evident that his translation had been correct, for the officer rapped out an order at which several of the men broke away and started running towards the hill. This done, he spoke again, whereupon rude hands were laid upon the prisoners, and such things as they possessed were taken from their pockets. 'Why are you flying in one of our aeroplanes?' demanded the officer, through the interpreter, after this had been done. 'We escaped in it from Barcelona,

the other side. The wings collapsed in a tangle of wood, wire, and fabric. The fuselage rolled over three times, and then, sticking its nose into a huge boulder beside the track, came to a stop. All noise ceased. Utter silence reigned. Biggles, half-dazed, kicked out the remains of the side window, and having thus made an exit, turned to see what had happened to the others. Algy, white-faced, a trickle of blood on his lips, was groping about him wildly. Biggles pushed him through the exit, and

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