Forbidden City (Rogue Angel, Book 5)

Forbidden City (Rogue Angel, Book 5)

Alex Archer, Mel Odom

Language: English

Pages: 167

ISBN: 2:00307269

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

A stunning artifact holds the key to an untapped power of global destruction ... While working on a dig in the California wilderness, archaeologist-adventurer Annja Creed uncovers evidence of a tragedy that's linked to Chinese miners during the days of the Gold Rush. A sudden attack on the site by shadow figures drives Annja to find the connection to a mysterious buried city in China. Lured by legends of gold, betrayal and the vengeance of a Han Dynasty overlord, Annja travels on the Orient Express, battling avaricious treasure hunters and a modern-day descendant of an ancient league of assassins. Her adversaries will stop at nothing to stake their claim on the fabled lost city, where a Han leader's dark past promises doom for those who dare to reveal its evil power.

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Scorpion Strike



















husband. She called on the gods and for help from anyone, but no one came. No one dared. The old woman's pain didn't touch Zedong. He'd ordered the deaths of many others. This one had been easy because he didn't have to think about it. Furthermore, with one man dead, the other shopkeepers would readily pay. As her husband died, the old woman turned to Zedong. "May the gods curse you," she moaned. "May your life end soon and in painful agony. May you throw up your own entrails and take days to

it were very determined to kill me." "Upon occasion, I'd find that understandable, but not acceptable. Do you know who took it?" "I'm working on that." "Do you mean to say that you not only lost that belt plaque, but you don't know who took it, either?" "He lied to me about his name. Actually, there was a lot he lied to me about." "And you bought into his lies?" "Everybody, it seems, lies to me." Annja leaned back in the seat. The driver, Joe, listened to her every word. They'd been sharing

out into the fetid heat of the desert. Vultures circled in the sky in the distance, riding the wind. A chill shook Hu. Something had died out there. **** Astride the camel, which was better suited to the tall sand dunes than the jeeps or the motorcycles, Hu lurched uncomfortably in the saddle. Song rode beside him on another camel. Two other men, locals Hu had hired to help with the dig, rode camels on either side of them. The locals carried assault rifles. Hu had tried to talk them out of

convincing anyone else. Garin watched and waited. The warrior reached the edge of the opening. In the next instant, iron spears spaced six inches apart rocketed from the ceiling along the edge. Three of the spears pierced the warrior. One slid neatly through his skull. "The first trap set the second one." Garin spoke as calmly as though lecturing a class. "Whoever designed this spent considerable effort at it. Getting through it is going to take time." He looked at Ngai and the remaining

bullets knocked the men down, spilling them across the hallway. At the doorway, Annja stepped to the side and urged Kelly on. "Take the lead. In case there are any more of them." Kelly nodded. She entered and started running. Annja wished she had another surgical mask – anything to keep the choking dust out of her lungs. Her mouth and throat felt raw and dry. Garin carried Roux up next. Annja waited until Professor Hu and his team were safely up into the spiral staircase. By that time the

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