Freedom: A Dane and Bones Origins Story (Dane Maddock Origins) (Volume 1)

Freedom: A Dane and Bones Origins Story (Dane Maddock Origins) (Volume 1)

David Wood, Sean Sweeney

Language: English

Pages: 166

ISBN: 1940095018

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

What dark secret did the Founding Fathers of America hide, and who will stop at nothing to uncover it?

Navy SEALs in-training, Dane Maddock and Bones Bonebrake can’t be in the same room without trying to kill each other, but soon find themselves caught up in a race with a secret society to solve a mystery that dates back to the founding of America. Find out how it all began in the action-packed first Dane and Bones Origins novella… Freedom!

"Freedom rocks! David Wood and Sean Sweeney serve up a great story of how it all began. Dane and Bones are in perfect form as they unravel a devilishly clever historical mystery that traces back to the early days of the nation."—Sean Ellis, author of Fortune Favors

“A non-stop thrill ride triple threat- smart, funny and mysterious!” Jeremy Robinson, author of Instinct and Threshold

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art: the Liberty Tree, Faneuil Hall, and the Old North Church were stamped into its surface. An ornate band ringed the edges. He opened the cover and something slid out and fell to the ground. He tucked the cover into his backpack and picked up the fallen object: a small book bound in plain leather, the pages inside yellow and brittle with age. The inscription on the first page read: The Journal of Samuel Adams. Eager to see what was written inside, he moved into the shadow of an elm tree,

Jillian’s eyes gleamed with excitement. “Even in his lifetime, George Washington was known as the ‘Father of His Country.’ Adams would certainly have been familiar with that title, and would likely have used it.” “You’re right. That should have been obvious. My bad.” Bones took the poem from Jillian and looked it over. “If I’m not mistaken, we’ve got the ‘twin beacons that kindled liberty’ right here in our backpacks. Now we need to figure out what the ‘beneath’ part means.” Dane looked at

cries of the American people. I cast my eyes upon America, saw our beloved flag raised, and the cloud was driven back, and I beheld villages and towns and cities springing up one after another until the whole land from the Atlantic to the Pacific was dotted with them. Again, I heard the voice say, `Son of the Republic, look and learn.’ At this the dark shadowy angel turned his face southward, and from Africa I saw an ill omened specter approach our land and a dark cloud arose in the South. As

sealed up tight and must have been covered by dirt and sand fairly quickly, at least by geological standards, to have kept it in such pristine condition. Mother Earth had wrapped it in her protective blanket, protecting it against the ravages of time. She played her light around the room, and what she saw took her breath away. Twin colonnades, the columns shaped like the twisting tentacles of a sea serpent, ran the length of the room, framing a magnificent sight. “What do you see?” Patrick had

appearance was thoroughly modern… …and thoroughly alien. ATLANTIS A Dane Maddock Adventure Coming Summer, 2013! Dedication If you love Dane and Bones, this book is dedicated to you. From the Author Readers often tell me they’d love to know more about how Dane and Bones got their start. What were they like “back in the day?” Did they have adventures in the SEALs? And what about these characters from their past whose names we’ve heard, but we’ve never met? If you’ve ever asked

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