Gold of the Gods (Mission: Survival)

Gold of the Gods (Mission: Survival)

Bear Grylls

Language: English

Pages: 89

ISBN: 2:00130003

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Beck Granger is on a trip to Colombia. His anthropologist uncle has taken him along on a visit to Don Rafael de Castillo, a descendent of a great explorer who claimed to have discovered a lost city of gold. But the secret of the city died with the explorer . . . until now. Beck’s uncle and Don Rafael believe they know where to find the city, but before they find it, they are both kidnapped. With Marco and Christina—the Don's children—Beck must set off into the wilds of Colombia to find the city and bring his uncle back. Along the way he must build a raft, negotiate wild river rapids, make camp, defend his friends from wild animals, and keep them all alive in the jungle. This fast-paced, exciting adventure is also full of real survival details and tips.

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side to side as if playing a game of touch rugby. The beam of light was dancing over his body as he chased it along the beach towards the headland. But now the beam was still again and had settled into a pattern. The flashes came in bursts of three: short, long, and then short again. Beck recognized it at once. Morse code. SOS. The international distress signal. The lost crew member of the Bella Señora was signalling to them from the cliff on the headland. 'I just did as you told me, Beck,'

need to get sorted fast,' he told the twins. 'Otherwise we'll end up fried and starved and we can forget about seeing Uncle Al and your dad ever again.' Christina pointed back along the headland towards where the jungle started to climb towards the mountains. Massive boulders, smooth and circular like giant cannonballs, had tumbled down from the cliffs onto the beach, as if a race of giants had been playing marbles along the seashore. 'There are some caves up there, left behind by the boulders,'

thudded onto the ground next to the twins as Beck quickly slithered back down to join them. He hacked through the tough husk of one with the blade of the machete. After quenching their thirst with the cool milk, they cut open another and then another before munching on the soft milky flesh inside, which Beck had already chopped into bite-sized chunks. The afternoon was drawing on by the time they went in search of shelter for the night. As Christina had promised, a series of holes like shallow

ball. Then, with a small stick, he poked a hole into the centre. Striking the metal scraper against the rod with deft flicks of his wrist, he sent a shower of sparks raining down into the centre of the tinder. Then, with a whumph, a lick of flame burst into life, followed by a loud crackle as the grass began to burn fiercely. Next Beck built a tepee of small twigs over the grass from the kindling Marco had collected. Within moments it was ablaze and the twins started to pile on thicker and

poker. And if you've got the whole nest crawling over you, you're in big trouble. As that poor bug has just discovered. Ants don't do detours. If there's anything in the way, they just march straight over it. And if they're hungry, they'll just munch through it. And that includes us.' Beck led the way out of the bamboo grove onto the edge of the ridge. He looked around and chose an area of ground that shelved away slightly. 'This is better,' he said after clearing away the undergrowth with his

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