Ramage & the Rebels (The Lord Ramage Novels) (Volume 9)

Ramage & the Rebels (The Lord Ramage Novels) (Volume 9)

Dudley Pope

Language: English

Pages: 320

ISBN: 0935526919

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

A sinking British ship, her crew and passengers—men and women alike—ruthlessly murdered at the hands of a French privateer. This is the nightmare Ramage and the crew of the Calypso stumble upon while engaged in a sweep for freebooters in the waters off Jamaica. Supported by his men in a thirst for righteous vengeance, Ramage sets sail to bring the murderers to justice.

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quite a feat of endurance for the British, too, because they had only a quart each. A quart, rather, less what they had already drunk this morning, although they could get more. Six minutes. This bloody soldiering: how he hated it. Heat, dust, physical weariness, the sheer length of time an action took. If you wanted to move from here to there you walked—marched, rather. If it rained you marched through mud. Then, as night came on, you pitched camp in more mud and at daybreak put on your wet

“Mainmasthead,” came the faint shout. “One sail, probably two, fine on the larboard bow, sir!” Wagstaffe glanced round and saw Orsini, who was waiting for the order to hoist La Créole’s signal. “Quick, boy, take the bring-’em-near and get aloft. What ships and what courses are they steering!” The young midshipman snatched the proffered telescope and raced to the main shrouds. Wagstaffe looked at Ramage, obviously worried about the signal, still bent on the halyard, a heap of coloured cloth,

privateers. I was hoping you’d be an example to them. But now …” he shook his head sadly, the picture of a bishop who had just discovered that his wife lusted after a choirboy. “I don’t know about the other captains, sir,” Ramage said quietly, “because I’ve only just arrived on this station. But for myself I can’t take a ship drawing sixteen feet into ten feet of water without running aground, and you’ve already refused me a tender or some sort of shallow-draught vessel.” Foxe-Foote was enough

Small rowing boats from which two or three men had been fishing suddenly scurried for the shore as they saw the boarders leaving the Calypso; men who had been working on the quays or walking along the paths lining the banks farther down stopped to watch, the more prudent of them then disappearing. A woman snatched up a small child and ran back towards Punda; a soldier on the Otrabanda side stood still, obviously uncertain what to do. Shutters slammed shut across many windows of houses facing the

and with a noise like ripping calico the sea fifteen yards away to starboard erupted as if a hundred great fish had broken the surface in a gigantic leap to escape a marauding shark. The crash of the gun firing was deafening but a moment later, as if from a great distance, Ramage heard Stafford’s voice, a mixture of awe and scorn: “The Capting’d flog us if we aimed that bad!” “And he’ll flog you anyway unless you put your back into that oar,” Jackson snarled. “They shouldn’t miss with the next

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