Shadow Magic (The Lyra Novels)

Shadow Magic (The Lyra Novels)

Patricia C. Wrede

Language: English

Pages: 268

ISBN: 1453258299

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

In the magic woods of Lyra, a noblewoman struggles to escape from a faceless man

Trouble is brewing in Alkyra. While the kingdom’s noblemen squabble, on their borders an ancient enemy, the Lithmern, raises an army. As the head of the Noble House of Brenn attempts to organize an alliance, the princess Alethia celebrates her twentieth birthday. She is a remarkable woman: quick-witted, beautiful, and handy with a throwing knife. But on the next night, she passes through a dark corridor on her way to the banquet hall, and never emerges from the shadows. The Lithmern have kidnapped the princess.
When Alethia regains consciousness, an evil Lithmern with a face made of shadows is carrying her through the forest. These are magic woods, home to fabled creatures whose existence she has always doubted. To find her way home, Alethia will have to learn to trust in the old tales, whose legends of magic and daring hold the only hope of saving her kingdom.

Labyrinth (Rogue Angel, Book 34)

Tom Swift Among the Fire Fighters: Or, Battling with Flames from the Air (Tom Swift, Book 24)


The Foul and the Fallen (Nikolas & Company, Book 3)
















minstrel remembered the importance that the Shee attached to Firivar’s vague prophecy. Even so, Alethia could not help wondering whether she would have had quite as many lists to memorize if Clasiena and Illeana had not been so busy with their other duties. Alethia’s favorite spot for study was perched atop a low wall in the gardens, where she was out of sight of the palace. By the beginning of her fourth week in Eveleth, she had securely established her preference for solitude, so when study of

sister. “Where is Alethia?” Maurin shouted as he tied the other horses into the string. “Don’t know!” Har yelled back. Then he pointed. “There?” “Maybe,” Maurin answered. There did seem to be a darker area in the general direction of Har’s pointing finger, but the snow was heavier already, and it was difficult to say for certain. Maurin waved Har back to the line of horses and began pulling the reluctant animals along. They did not find Alethia, but in a few moments they were among the trees

moments later the others followed suit. Maurin was thoughtful for the next two days, and found himself looking more and more frequently at the imposing mountains above the pass as he went about the business of making ready for the coming battle. Alethia recovered consciousness slowly. At first she did not know where she was; then memory flooded back and she tried to sit up and look around. It took three tries. She was terribly weak, and her left arm was almost useless. Blood from the torn

Coldwell before her. There was little she could do to speed her journey; she could not even be certain she was heading in the right direction. So she fretted whenever she was forced to retrace her steps, or to go around a place where the path seemed treacherous or unstable. Once at least her caution saved her life; a rock ledge collapsed onto the path ahead moments after she had turned away from the icy trail to seek safer footing. After that, she redoubled her watchfulness. For two days, she

Lithmern army, and held. Stone piled up above the barrier, and the first rocks were ground to a powder by the pressure from the rest of the mass. The shadow-wall darkened further in response, but still it held. The last echoes of the avalanche died away, leaving both armies staring incredulously. For half a mile or more, the west end of the ravine was covered by an impossible bridge, a tunnel made of tons of rock and snow resting on darkness. Below it, the Lithmern army stood unharmed, save for

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