Spiral (Tunnels Book 5)

Spiral (Tunnels Book 5)

Roderick Gordon

Language: English

Pages: 448

ISBN: 0545429617

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Spinning out of control!

Just when you thought it couldn't get any deeper, darker, or weirder...

Creeping into the open through cracks in the earth, the Styx have surfaced, and are now infesting England like some parasitic scourge -- carriers of a bizarre black secret that will place every last Topsoiler in mortal peril.

Unless Will Burrows puts a stop to the propagation.

Armed to the teeth, with little more than a motley crew of former commandos as reinforcements, can Will, Chester, and Elliott find a way to squash the threat? Or will they only find themselves in a deadly downward SPIRAL?

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you when we go,” Mrs. Burrows said. “It wouldn’t be fair to take her along.” “Of course,” the First Officer agreed readily, stroking the cat’s broad head and making her purr at even greater volume. “Um, I’d like to make a proposal, Celia,” Drake began, putting aside his sandwich and rising from his chair. “I’ve talked this through with Will . . . and we think you should remain behind in the Colony, too.” “O-kaaay,” Mrs. Burrows said slowly. “I’ve got all the manpower I need for the mission,”

from the back of the ambulance and stole away. With so many uniformed personnel flooding the area — both police and increasing numbers of military — no one took any notice of the Colonel. Sticking to the back streets, he stopped only when an entrance at the rear of one of the large office buildings caught his eye. Beyond a pair of open doors, he could see a ramp leading down to an underground parking garage. The Colonel descended into it and was trying the vehicles to find one that was unlocked

which one of our own citizens has somehow been coerced into perpetrating a horrific act of terrorism on US soil, has taken anti-British sentiment to a new high. There have been demonstrations outside the British Embassy in New York and several British consulates across the country.” The picture switched to a heaving crowd bristling with placards. “Our American sons gave their lives to help England conquer Germany in the last war. And this . . . this is how they repay us!” a man fumed as he

imagine what they were doing to her. His feelings swung from anger that she should have to endure this, to helplessness that he couldn’t do anything to stop it. “Colly’s been very quiet lately,” Chester said, giving the door to the medical bay a sidelong glance. “She dotes on Mum,” Will said, straightening up on the bench. “You know, she’s been complaining about her back a lot lately.” “Huh?” Chester asked, turning to his friend. “Elliott has,” Will said, his eyes glued to a faded poster on a

aware of the dull ache at the top of her spine, and the irresistible pull of nature. Styx nature. Although she and her sister hadn’t yet passed through puberty and couldn’t take part in what was to happen here, the longing was intense. And intoxicating. It was as if some strange electricity rippled through her body, fizzing in her veins. The ancient force was calling her, forcing her, to participate in a cycle that took hundreds if not thousands of years to manifest itself. Rebecca Two wiped

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