Storm Force

Storm Force

Language: English

Pages: 374


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Still struggling to rebuild after Katrina, New Orleans is confronted by another major hurricane heading its way, unaware that a far more destructive human-made terror could wreak untold horror and havoc on the city--unless rogue CTU agent Jack Bauer can s
Title: 24 Declassified
Author: Jacobs, David
Publisher: Harpercollins
Publication Date: 2008/01/01
Number of Pages: 374
Binding Type: PAPERBACK
Library of Congress: 2009281829

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the Golden Pole massacre, the Garros abduction and ransoming, the Supremo Hat Company slaughter, and the carnage at the Kwik-Up parking lot and environs. Monsieur Armand, expressing sorrow and regret at Marcel’s death, thanked Cal for providing him with the information and vowed full cooperation. He arranged for his people to immediately send all their computer files on Vollard, especially his New Orleans activities, to CTU Center. Center analysts sent a copy of the files to headquarters in

Vollard into motion. The merc turned and ran; Jack jumped up, following. Jack angled to the left instead of continuing straight-on, to avoid approaching from the direction in which Vollard had last seen him, using the element of surprise to avoid running into a bullet. He threw himself over the pipeline, coming down on the other side. He saw Vollard climbing a metal stairway that led to the first level of platforms and catwalks. Appraising the situation, thinking quickly, Jack continued on his

Mounted over the top of the door frame was a low-wattage night lamp, wan in the coming light of day. To the right of the door, a black iron frame stairway angled up from sidewalk to balcony, accessing the row of apartments on the second floor. He knew that inside the building, several other stairwells also connected to the upper floor. The apartment doors lining the second-floor balcony were closed and their curtained windows dark, including the third window from the right, Vikki Valence’s

cul-de-sac, requiring it to make another circuitous go-round. It stopped for a red light, Jack taking advantage of the pause to reach into the inside breast pocket of his jacket and remove a nondescript metal container that was about the size and shape of a pack of cigarettes. He lifted the lid, opening it. Inside, each nestled in its own hollow in a lining in the bottom of the box, were a half-dozen objects that looked like fuzzy black aspirin tablets. Pete glanced away from the road ahead

during a final meeting before the younger Garros was due to depart for New Orleans to serve as a high-ranking executive in the overseas branch of LAGO. Raoul had said, “I’ll do my part, Father. I won’t let the family down.” And so he had done his part, in his fashion. Some men are fighters; he was a lover. It was his vocation and his avocation. Hence, Susan Keehan. Because Raoul was on a mission for Caracas. A mission to marry into one of America’s richest and most powerful families. A mission

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