The Blood King Conspiracy (Matt Drake)

The Blood King Conspiracy (Matt Drake)

David Leadbeater

Language: English

Pages: 268

ISBN: 1481980580

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Book 2 in the Matt Drake series. The third - The Gates of Hell - is out now! ~ Recommended for those who love an escapist action adventure. ~ Praise for 'The Bones of Odin' - a UK #1 Bestseller ~ "Bond meets The Da Vinci code but with higher stakes!" "If you like Andy Mcdermott or Matthew Reilly, get this book." ~ In this much awaited sequel to The Bones of Odin, Matt Drake takes his thirst for adventure to an even higher level when an incredible device dating back millennia is salvaged from Blackbeard's ship, the Queen Anne's Revenge. With the answer to the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle in their hands, America is attacked on its own soil by the Blood King - an underworld figure so powerful his very existence is a mere myth: a man who coerces people at the highest levels of government and society; a man who sends an army to first storm a USS Destroyer, guarded by hundreds of marines and Special Forces soldiers, and then to steal the secret of the Bermuda Triangle - a source of power that will allow its owner to hold any civilised government to ransom. Matt Drake and his friends must follow a treasure trail through rich pirate history that leads beyond the death of Blackbeard himself, through modern sea battles and warfare on the streets of Key West, to a show-down with the most dangerous, well-connected and feared man in the world - the Blood King.

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life of his boss depended on it. And now, as Hayden balanced and rose to her feet, the men from the other two airboats began to open fire. Bullets thwacked and thudded the greenery around her, and kicked up sprays of water. Kinimaka thrashed with the gator. Hayden fell back against the muddy bank, exposed. Brought her machine-gun around and opened fire. And that was their last stand. Hayden, half buried in mud and muck and dripping wet, firing from the hip and felling the bad guys with every

objective through hard and direct action. Standing around a hotel room - nice as it was, drinking coffee with his friends - pleasant as they were, did nothing to alleviate a rising dread of the consequences of inactivity. “Blackbeard certainly had his contacts,” Ben was saying. “Say’s here he spent nights with some of the most notorious boys of the time - Israel Hands, Charles Vane and even Calico Jack. Even I’ve heard of him.” “Nothing else?” Drake’s impatience got the better of him. “Go take

You handling it any better than she is?” Kinimaka looked a little shocked. “I was warned you were blunt, but . . .” “Take me as I was born and bred,” Drake shrugged. “As a Yorkshireman.” “We weren’t friends, but I feel sorry for them and their families. I hate Boudreau and his boss. I’m in this to the very end, believe me.” “Good.” Drake slapped the giant on the back and, for the thousandth time in his life, wondered if every trained soldier sized the other man up for his weak spot even as

down and reached for his. “Now, to coin a time-honored phrase - ‘let’s get something straight between us’.” **** Sometime later, with Kennedy sleeping, Drake swung himself out of bed and went to survey their outskirts. The hotel was twenty-four hour so it wasn’t difficult leaving without drawing attention. He swung through a small side door before it had chance to open automatically and stepped into the warm Miami night. Christ, if only the nights were like this back home instead of the

sailed from Fort Lauderdale. This could be the biggest naval battle of modern times, against probably the greatest adversary since, well . . . Blackbeard.” Drake’s elated expression said it all. “I have to get a bite of this. Can you get us onboard before they launch the strike?” “Choppers are fuelled and waiting,” Harrison said quickly looking at his watch. “The operation is still in planning, but even then it’ll be touch and go.” Drake and Hayden were moving first. “We’ll make it. Let’s go.”

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