The Crucible of Time

The Crucible of Time

John Brunner

Language: English

Pages: 300

ISBN: 0345312244

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Life had become too interesting on one world crawling across the rubble-strewn arm of a spiral galaxy.
For as the system moved it swept up cosmic dust and debris. Ice ages and periods of tropical warmth followed one another very quickly. Meteors large and small fell constantly. Yesterday's fabled culture might be tomorrow's interesting hole in the ground.
But society had always endured. Many thought it always would. Only the brightest scientists admitted that to survive, the race would have to abandon the planet. And to do that they'd have to invent spacecraft...
This engrossing epic describes the development, over millennia, of a species from a culture of planet-bound medieval city-states to a sophisticated, technological civilization. With The Crucible of Time, John Brunner returns to the large-canvas science fiction he pioneered in his Hugo Award-winning, novel Stand on Zanzibar.

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continent in the course of every year. And she was sure Awb himself must be aware of that fact. But if she were to mention it to those around her, would they be interested? Would they believe her? Most likely not. Awb and his disciples seemed to be set on creating a generation of young folk who cared as little for the past as for the future. Neither the study of history nor planning for the salvation of the species could attract them. They were assured that they need only study themselves, and

constantly terrified that they would make her too late. No description could have matched the sensation of being carried pell-mell amid treetops by the scampering inverted fury of a dolmusq, with its eighteen tentacles snatching at whatever support was offered and its body straining under the weight of two-score passengers. Nor could anyone have conveyed to her the combined impact of the crowds, the noise, and the universal stench compound of pheromones, smoke from the industrial area to the

celibacy was to lost Ntah... They were both very clumsy, but they found it funny, and afterwards he was able to say, in full possession of his rational faculties, “But your father? He cares nothing for our work, and may despise me.” “He is sad and sick and this winter has shown him he too can grow old. He has spoken much about over-close breeding, as one sees with canifangs, and has even mentioned the idea of a grandchild. Inwardly I think I may be normal, and most certainly you and I cannot be

can grow cooler even though the sun seems to be getting warmer-and I've worked out why!” “For the same reason it's better in full sunlight to have a light mantle than a dark one! Reflection!” But Embery's mood changed even before he could compliment her on a lesson well remembered, and she said, “You think you've worked out why? You never told me that! Go on!” And she cuddled up alongside him much as she used to do when she was barely strong enough to stand upright, so that he had to lift her

violent storm, he found a cutinate that had been ripped open lengthways, so that its internal tube was no longer watertight. Yet it was far from dead; still having one end in the sea and-fortuitously-the other in a pool left by the heavy rain, it was pulsing regularly in a final reflex spasm. Yockerbow contrived a blade from a broken flinq with two sharp edges, cut away the longest intact muscles, and carried it home, along with a mugshell full of seawater. To the surprise of his family, he was

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