The Genius Wars

The Genius Wars

Catherine Jinks

Language: English

Pages: 384

ISBN: 0547577273

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Boy-genius Cadel Piggot has a new name (Cadel Greenaius), a new family, and a new life. No more illegal hacking, no more false identities, and most of all, no more Prosper English. But when his best friend Sonja is attacked, it's up to him to figure out who was behind it. Before he knows it, Cadel is crossing oceans and continents, barrelling back into the depths of the criminal activity he thought he'd left behind, and coming face to face with Prosper English once again. Can Cadel track down Prosper before it's too late? And what rules will he have to break in the process?

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that he was no longer a warped little puppet with a blinkered view of the world; that a normal life was all he needed; that he now had a family, to which Prosper didn’t belong. He wanted to slam a door in Prosper’s face, by rejecting their shared past. He wanted to point out that Prosper was deluded, and maladjusted, and caught in a trap of his own making. Before any of this could be said, however, the outboard motor sputtered, choked, and died. THIRTY-FIVE ‘Goddammit,’ said Prosper. He

laid and options were discussed without any attempt being made to seek his input. He felt left out. Even worse, he felt relegated, as if he were just some ineffectual, messed-up kid, instead of Sonja’s best and closest friend. He was tired. He understood that. He was also deeply traumatised by the events he’d witnessed earlier that day. But he wasn’t too shattered to think deductively, or to work out what should be done. If they were under attack, then Prosper English was almost certainly the

site, his thoughts turned to Com – and he couldn’t help wondering (in a fleeting and distracted kind of way) whether anyone had actually caught up with the fugitive. ‘You did?’ said Boyd. ‘Really? Cool.’ When Cadel failed to elaborate, Boyd gave him a verbal prod. ‘So did you actually manage to identify a particular house, or …?’ ‘No.’ Seeing Boyd’s face fall, Cadel added, ‘I saw his car. Not his house.’ ‘Because it’s not as if this concept actually worked,’ Egon interposed snidely. ‘I mean,

wood split and sagged, Devin simply pushed harder. He gave a whoop of triumph as daylight suddenly flooded into the stairwell. ‘Yay!’ he cried. ‘Done it!’ Cadel scrambled up the stairs, so eagerly that he almost tripped over. But he managed to reach the hatchway without falling down, and followed Devin through it. Meanwhile, Gazo had parked the truck and switched off its engine. ‘See?’ was the first thing that he said to Cadel. ‘Ain’t you glad I decided to check on you?’ Cadel had to crawl

the congealing concrete. ‘There’s the first one,’ Cadel declared calmly. ‘You should go down and stand on that, so you can throw the next one in.’ Gazo didn’t say another word. He simply hoisted a second sack onto his shoulder and began his descent, moving very slowly and carefully. When he reached the lowest step he placed one foot gingerly on the discarded bag of gravel, which didn’t sink, or tip over, or slide out from under him. As Cadel had promised, the bag made an excellent stepping

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