The Island of Time (The Island Series) (Volume 1)

The Island of Time (The Island Series) (Volume 1)

Language: English

Pages: 250

ISBN: 1481964593

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

How do you catch a killer through time? When an unidentified body is found on the second floor of a Detroit antique shop, Strawberry Sundae Investigations is on the case! Set in an age of androids and hovercars, the Sundaes have unlimited advanced technology at their disposal. Still, the evidence doesn’t add up. Little do they know the case would hit close to home when the only clues the victim left behind—in the form of a personal journal—reflect an erratically inconsistent timeline, suggesting the victim might not be from the present. They’re best lead creates another struggle for one of their members: Dawn Vañia. Her fiancé, Taran Flint, is the leading scientist working on a secretive project which he claims involves a breakthrough method in traveling through time. Unlock the mystery when you travel to The Island of Time. Recommended for ages 10+

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Sundaes had solved a case 500 years in the making. Dawn and he were finally married, and life was good. Taran had work, family, and paradise all at once. However, curiosity got the better of him. With the power of time travel came the dreams of what could be, what should’ve been, and what if. His Time Crew was there to facilitate answering those questions, beginning with Dr. Laura White’s project, Operation: Ice Age. Only weeks after the wedding, Taran returned to work and extensive

only moments later. Groaning, she painfully turned onto her back and peered over toward where the time machine had been, but she beheld a strange sight. The machine was still there, but it glowed in a motionless green light. Bursts of flames coming from it were suspended in an inanimate explosion that remained motionless in the air. She felt as though she was looking at a three-dimensional photograph, but it was all too real. Then she saw Dawn. Dawn’s body was arched, like she’d been attempting

Reynolds, Harold Angel, Gloria Deo, Kelley—” Butterscotch stopped Sherri. “Wait.” “What is it?” Chocolate asked. “What were those last two names, Sherri?” Butterscotch took the cards from her. “Aha! Gloria Deo and Harold Angel. Those are the two detectives I met in line at the police station.” “What?” Chocolate exclaimed. “Butterscotch, are you sure?” She tipped the cards toward herself and nodded. “Yeah, you’re right. That’s the two who went to get the coffee!” “We will definitely have to

Michigan when July came around. Detroit is headed down hill; there is no future for me in our present. My future’s here now…in the past.” Adding up the time in his head, Miller decided Murphy’s transfer would have come in only a few weeks. After he left the force, who would the officer get stuck with on duty? He shook his head doubtfully. “This is incredible.” Murphy placed his hand on Miller’s shoulder. “It’s an adventure, man.” The reluctant officer glanced at Dillon again. “Are you for

onto the bench. “The prosecution will present case #1 of this island town, the case of Ailiokahu vs. Blackbeard.” Raymond Caldor acted as the bailiff next to the witness stand. Chief Murphy stood behind the audience in the aisle to escort witnesses to the stand if need be. The jury consisted of eight randomly selected citizens: Scott MacKensie, Tim’s only shop employee; Kel Longley, owner of Kel’s Place; Jayne Caldor, Ray’s wife; Tim Talbiss, the store owner; Sheriff Wyatt West; Sean

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