The Lost Tribes

The Lost Tribes

Language: English

Pages: 368

ISBN: 0985481080

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Five Friends . . . A Dangerous Game . . and the Truth About The Family Business.

Five friends are in a race against time in this action-adventure story involving ancient tribal artifacts that hold the fate of the universe in the balance. None of these trailblazers imagined their ordinary parents as scientists on a secret mission. But when their parents go missing, they are forced into unfathomable circumstances and learn of a history that is best left unknown, for they are catalysts in an ancient score that must be settled. As the chaos unfolds, opportunities arise that involve cracking codes and anticipating their next moves. This book employs real scientific facts and history knowledge where readers will surely become participants.

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the control panel and studied the data. Occasionally, he received a scratch or a treat from one of the technicians assisting Aurelia. The Xenobian panther stood guard on the far side of the console, unconcerned with the attention being lavished on Aris. Ben concentrated and hoped there was a way to adjust his frequency so that his Uncle would not hear him. “Aurelia, can you hear me?” If she heard him, she gave no indication of it. Something had startled her. Aris became animated at whatever

electromagnets. Grace’s cheeks blushed bright red as she dropped the flower. It bounced and landed on the floor. Ben shot imaginary death rays at the back of April’s head. He heard no satisfying sizzle of flesh, no cries of pain. It worked for one of the X-Men, but as luck would have it, he was stuck with ordinary DNA. On the other hand, his father’s driving might take care of the problem permanently. He accelerated like he was trying to break the sound barrier. Ben pulled his seat belt tighter

woman, dressed in similar parka, long flowing robe and brown leather boots. Her face was hidden by the thick layer of fur ringing the edge of the hood. Long tufts of straight black hair blew in the wind. She cradled the basket in her arms. Both women worked quickly, melting the ice and filling the vials with core samples. After a few minutes, they placed their baskets on the ground and assembled two tall poles with glass orbs attached to the ends. The poles slid into the ice with little

and pawing at the sand. “Find anything?” asked Grace. “No. Just one endless litter box.” He made a mental note to avoid that spot. Thunder roared in the distance followed by a faint pounding that had the same frequency as the one in the cave. Ben froze but saw nothing out of the ordinary. Aris looked up as well, then resumed his frantic excavation of a toilet. Ben returned to the beginning of his circle and started again, this time forming a spiral pattern as he walked. The air grew warm. He

Uncle Henry said. “Whoa! You live here?” asked Carlos. Uncle Henry shot him a look of disinterest. “It appears to be the unfortunate trait of the young to ask a question which has recently been answered. You may rest here until the transport arrives. Your parents will know where to find you.” “What happened to them?” asked Ben. “Do you think they got out?” “Your parents are very resourceful. If they said they would meet you here, they will do everything in their power to keep that promise.”

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