The Magnificent Lizzie Brown and the Mysterious Phantom

The Magnificent Lizzie Brown and the Mysterious Phantom

Vicki Lockwood

Language: English

Pages: 200

ISBN: 1623700698

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

A mysterious Phantom is terrorizing London, and when Lizzie realizes she has a talent that will let her stop the crimes before they happen she and her new circus friends feel compelled to intervene. But when one of their own is blamed for the crimes instead, their investigation takes a turn for the worse. When the truth finally comes out, the real culprit is the last person anyone expects.

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at the back too. “Looks posh all right,” Malachy said, casually leaning against a wall and trying not to look out of place. “Just the Phantom’s cup of tea.” “What’s the plan?” Lizzie’s mouth was dry. Dru shaded his eyes and looked up. “Climb up the house. Watch from the rooftop until the Phantom goes in. Then we climb down, hold the doors shut, call for help, and . . . presto! Caught like a rat in a trap inside the house, yes?” “Rooftop?” Lizzie said. “Do I look like a flippin’ monkey? I

show tent, toward the lights and the crowds of people. Her chest hurt and she gasped for breath as she put on even more speed. Behind her, she heard the Phantom grunting and panting as he tried to catch up. Ahead, someone was coming out of the crowd, moving toward her. The light behind him cast a long three-legged shadow across the grass. She prayed it was a friend. Wait — three-legged shadow? It was Malachy, hobbling toward her on his crutch. He saw who was following, waved frantically, and

glimpsed a rope ladder dangling to one side and decided she wasn’t ready to die just yet. She leaped up and caught a rung, pulling herself up out of the Phantom’s grasp, and climbing for all she was worth. The ladder led up the side of the big tent to the very top, where one of the lighting ropes was tied. Those criss-crossed ropes, which were higher than even the high wire, held a line of dangling lanterns that lit the circus from the top down. Every night, someone had to clamber up here to

together,” Lizzie whispered. She turned to Becky. “We need to check your father’s grave first.” “Follow me,” Becky replied. “I could take us there with my eyes closed.” When they arrived at the graveside, Lizzie saw what she’d been dreading. The flowers she’d left were nowhere to be seen. “They’ve been here,” she said. “They robbed his grave?” Becky’s voice trembled. She sank to her knees. “How could they?” “If they’re here, we’ll catch them,” Lizzie promised. Becky clutched handfuls of

another safe?” he asked, grinning. “Patrick Sullivan!” Erin said, frowning at her brother. “Safe-cracking is not a sport, y’know! The Phantom’s a wicked burglar, and he’s going straight to jail when they catch him.” “Let’s hope they catch him soon,” Pa Sullivan said grimly. “Why?” Erin peered at her father’s paper. “What’s he done this time?” “He’s turned nasty, that’s what,” Pa growled. “Some poor fella in Spitalfields went blundering in on him while he was robbing a house. Got bashed over

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