The Physician (The Cole Trilogy)

The Physician (The Cole Trilogy)

Noah Gordon

Language: English

Pages: 765

ISBN: 1453271104

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Now a major motion picture: Noah Gordon’s beloved masterwork—read by millions in thirty-five countries
In eleventh-century London, a child holds the hand of his dying mother and is terrified, aware something is taking her. Orphaned and given to an itinerant barber-surgeon, Rob Cole becomes a fast-talking swindler, peddling a worthless medicine. But as he matures, his strange gift—an acute sensitivity to impending death—never leaves him, and he yearns to become a healer.
Arab madrassas are the only authentic medical schools, and he makes his perilous way to Persia. Christians are barred from Muslim schools, but claiming he is a Jew, he studies under the world’s most renowned physician, Avicenna. How the woman who is his great love struggles against her only rival—medicine—makes a riveting modern classic.
The Physician is the first book in Noah Gordon’s Dr. Robert Cole trilogy, which continues with Shaman and concludes with Matters of Choice.

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Ptolemy?” Rob smiled; he had read only enough astronomy to satisfy the requirements of the madrassa. “An ancient Greek who did his writing in Egypt.” “Just so. He wrote that the world is round. Suspended beneath the concave firmament, it is the center of the universe. Around it circle the sun and the moon, making the night and the day.” “This ball of a world, with its surface of sea and land, mountains and rivers and forests and deserts and places of ice—is it hollow or solid? And if it is

his feet and pushing deep into the thin, flinty soil. 81 THE CIRCLE COMPLETED Why a woman should quicken with new life, or not, was the perfect mystery. After bearing two sons and then passing five years in barrenness, Mary ripened with child following their wedding. She was careful at her work, quicker now to ask one of the men to help her with a task. The two sons trailed after her and did light chores. It was easy to see which child would be the sheepman; at times Rob J. seemed to

hope there is sufficient quantity,” she said worriedly, “for you’ve grown taller than Barber.” She fetched her measuring strings and marked off the width of his shoulders, the girth of his waist, the length of his arms and legs. “I’ll make tight trousers, a loose kirtle, and an outer cloak, and you’ll be grandly clothed.” He nodded and rose, reluctant to leave. “Is Barber waiting for you, then?” He explained Barber’s errand and she motioned him back. “It’s time to eat. I can’t offer what he

inured to scrutiny. He drew a face on each of six wooden discs, in turn: an old woman, two youths, a pair of dairy maids who smelled of cows, and a man with a wen on his nose. The woman had deepset eyes and a toothless mouth with wrinkled lips. One of the youths was plump and round-faced, so it was like drawing features on a gourd. The other boy was thin and dark, with baleful eyes. The girls were sisters and looked so much alike that the challenge was in trying to capture their subtle

have to work as a barber-surgeon. I’m willing to do anything useful.” The rabbenu’s long fingers rooted and scrabbled in his beard while he considered. Finally he announced his decision. “Whenever slaughtered beef is declared not to be kasher,” Simon said, “you’ll take the meat and sell it to the Christian butcher in Gabrovo. And during the Sabbath, when Jews may not labor, you’ll tend the fires in the houses.” Rob hesitated. The elderly Jew looked at him with interest, caught by the gleam in

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