The Valley of the Lost (Deltora Quest #7)

The Valley of the Lost (Deltora Quest #7)

Emily Rodda

Language: English

Pages: 144

ISBN: 0439253292

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Deltora is a land of monsters and magic. Lief, Barda, and Jasmine have almost reached their goal. Six gems gleam in the Belt of Deltora. Now the last one must be found before Deltora can be freed from the evil Shadow Lord. The companions have faced many terrors. But the worst is yet to come.

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Doom realizes.” Again, Lief wondered about her. She had shown no sign that she had heard what they were talking about with Doom. She had sat quite still, staring out at the lake as if lost in thought. And all the time she had been listening. She had heard the name of the Valley of the Lost. What else had she heard? She is sly, he thought. We must be careful of her. In the end, Neridah travelled with them for nearly a week. She protested strongly about travelling by night, and was a sulky

friends stumbling towards him out of the gloom. He lurched forward, gripping their arms thankfully. “Well, we are still alive, in any case,” growled Barda. “The mist has not killed us yet.” But Jasmine said nothing. She had drawn her dagger and was standing very still, every muscle tense. The sighing, whispering sound was louder. The mist around them stirred and billowed, the shadows deepening, closing in. “Keep back!” Jasmine hissed, raising her dagger menacingly. The shadows seemed to

could not think what the strange lines could possibly mean, either. All he knew was that somewhere in this glass-walled maze was the last clue, and they had to find it. Filled with desperate energy, they hurried from room to gleaming room, searching everywhere for some sign that would help them solve the riddle. But they found nothing. Nothing but magnificent emptiness. Finally they turned a corner and Jasmine groaned. “But we have been here before!” she exclaimed. “We have already searched

alone …” Jasmine gasped, her eyes wide and alert. “He is alone,” she repeated. “Alone! Where is the queen? Where is the heir?” The others were silent. Their shock had for a moment driven all other thoughts from their minds. But now they saw that Jasmine had seized on the really important question. “Father said Queen Sharn was strong,” Lief said. “Strong — and brave. Not at all the spoiled, petted palace doll she appeared. Perhaps she refused to stay with Endon, once he began to listen to the

came ashore. But the river had risen since, and set it afloat. If it had not been tied to a tree, it would have drifted away. It took a matter of moments for Barda to untie the rope while his companions crawled into the boat, Kree fluttering after them. By the time the big man clambered to the oars, they were already beginning to move into deeper water. Shouts and screams from the trees still pierced the drumming of the rain. Not far away, the pirate ship strained at anchor. Two portholes in

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