The Voyages of Doctor Doolittle (Illustrated Junior Library)

The Voyages of Doctor Doolittle (Illustrated Junior Library)

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carefully. Then he shook his head. “Yon crittur’s got a broken leg,” he said—“and another badly cut an’ all. I can mend you your boats, Tom, but I haven’t the tools nor the learning to make a broken squirrel seaworthy. This is a job for a surgeon—and for a right smart one an’ all. There be only one man I know who could save yon crittur’s life. And that’s John Dolittle.” “Who is John Dolittle?” I asked. “Is he a vet?” “No,” said the mussel-man. “He’s no vet. Doctor Dolittle is a nacheralist.”

harbor all right and we were mighty glad to find that the Doctor had sent Chee-Chee back with the row-boat to wait for us at the landing-wall. Unfortunately while we were in the middle of loading the supplies from the cab into the boat, the angry mob arrived upon the wharf and made a rush for us. Bumpo snatched up a big beam of wood that lay near and swung it round and round his head, letting out dreadful African battle-yells the while. This kept the crowd off while Chee-Chee and I hustled the

the moonlight, pushing at the raft with their noses. “They’re old friends of the Doctor’s,” said Miranda. “They’d do anything for John Dolittle. We should see his party soon now. We’re pretty near the place I left them—Yes, there they are! See that dark shape?—No, more to the right of where you’re looking. Can’t you make out the figure of the black man standing against the sky?—Now Chee-Chee spies us—he’s waving. Don’t you see them?” I didn’t—for my eyes were not as sharp as Miranda’s. But

just going to air the bedding for me in front of the fire. Dab-Dab is a perfect treasure of a housekeeper; she never forgets anything. I had a sister once who used to keep house for me (poor, dear Sarah! I wonder how she’s getting on—I haven’t seen her in many years). But she wasn’t nearly as good as Dab-Dab. Have another sausage?” The Doctor turned and said a few words to the dog and duck in some strange talk and signs. They seemed to understand him perfectly. “Can you talk in squirrel

the stories you used to tell us out of your animal books— and the chats we used to have sitting round the kitchen-fire on winter nights. The, animals out there were very nice to us and all that. But somehow the dear kind creatures seemed a bit stupid. Chee-Chee said he had noticed it too. But I suppose it wasn’t they who had changed; it was we who were different. When I left, poor old Chee-Chee broke down and cried. He said he felt as though his only friend were leaving him— though, as you know,

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