Tom Swift And His Undersea Search: Or The Treasure On The Floor Of The Atlantic (1920)

Tom Swift And His Undersea Search: Or The Treasure On The Floor Of The Atlantic (1920)

Victor Appleton

Language: English

Pages: 87

ISBN: 1530407990

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

American boys' fiction under pseudonym used by the Stratemeyer Syndicate who produced Tom Swift series, Nancy Drew mysteries, the Hardy Boys, Dave Fearless and many others.

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out and saw, sweeping past them, the ribs and worm−eaten timbers of some craft, lying on the bottom of the river. "Yes, that's the remains of an old brick scow," the young inventor explained. "That's one of our water−marks, so to speak. It is at the bend of the river. We turn now, and head for the bay." As he spoke they all became aware of a sudden swerve in the course of the submarine. The helmsman had, doubtless, noted the "water−mark," as Tom termed it, and as an automobilist on land might

chap−−I think it was in a financial way, though." "Well, if it's the same Mr. Hardley, I'll say he has some queer financial ways," said Mr. Nestor. "Now let's see if we can make the two jibe. Describe him, Tom." This the young inventor did, and when this description had been compared with one given of the Mr. Hardley with whom Mr. Keith once was associated, Mrs. Nestor said: "It surely is the same man! The Mr. Hardley who wants you to get wealth from the bottom of the ocean, Tom, is the same

it's wound around our propellers, can we?" "Not very well," Tom answered. "But all that will have to be done will be for some of us to put on diving suits, go out and chop the strands of weed away. We can do it more easily than could an ordinary vessel, for they would have to go into dry dock for the purpose. I think I'll go out myself. I want to look around a little." "I'll go with you," said Ned. "As long as we haven't seen any sharks I don't mind." "Nor gigantic starfish, either," added Tom

His Undersea Search Wound around both propellers was a mass of the serpent weed, tightly bound because the machinery had whirled it around and around after the grass had once been caught. It was almost as bad as though manila cable had been thus accidentally fastened. "Well, might as well begin to cut it loose," said Tom to his companions. "Koku, you take the port propeller, and Ned and I will work on the other. You ought to be able to beat us at this game." "Me do," said the giant, as he got his

But at length he grasped the idea that he was a wealthy man again, and he exclaimed: "Tom Swift, I'm going to share half with you!" "Oh, no," retorted the young inventor. "I couldn't think of that. If you want to pay part of the expenses of the trip I shan't object to that, as I intend giving the gold I recovered to Mr. Damon. But as for taking any of the oil shares−−" "Then, Mary, you shall take half!" exclaimed Mr. Keith. "I have more money now than I'll ever spend. Mary, half of it is yours,

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