Unlucky Charms (Cold Cereal Saga)

Unlucky Charms (Cold Cereal Saga)

Adam Rex

Language: English

Pages: 400

ISBN: 0062060066

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

For fans of Artemis Fowl and Percy Jackson & the Olympians comes the second book in Adam Rex's acclaimed Cold Cereal Saga, about three kids who must save the world from the diabolical schemes of an evil breakfast company.

Scottish Play Doe and his friends may have escaped from the clutches of the evil Nimue, but they're not out of the woods just yet.

The Goodco Cereal Company's quest to take over the world is quickly gaining momentum: it has already started to sell cereals containing the magical chemical Intellijuice and, what's worse, has kidnapped one of the world's most important public figures, the Queen of England, and replaced her with goblin impersonators.

When Scott and the others learn that Goodco is holding the real queen captive in a magical other-England, they decide to pass through a rift in the time-space continuum and rescue her—and hopefully convince the faeries to stop the invasion that will bring about the end of the world as they know it.

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when I say mound, I’m not bein’ modest—’s a mound. But inside it was as cozy as your mother’s handbag. Here we are.” They arrived at a small clearing and a mound of earth ringed by small mushrooms. Atop the mound was a weathered and whitewashed wooden cross. Mick stared quizzically at the cross. “Well, that’s new. I hope you won’t be offended when I tell yeh it has no place on a leprechaun’s domicile.” “There’s something tied to it,” said Scott, and he climbed up, wondering too late if it was

them both. “Hullo,” he said. “I’m John.” “Clara Tanner. Oo, yeh’re a nice-lookin’ one.” “Soon to be dead, though!” her husband reminded her from his rock. “Terrible shame.” “Ready?” asked John, and Clara nodded. “Finchbriton?” The finch sent out another screen of fire and smoke. But the brownies, despite their mook behavior and monkey chatter, weren’t entirely stupid. When they saw the flames again, they rained missiles down even harder, and John did his best to protect what the shield could

plan?” “Relax. What do people say in your movies? ‘It’ll work. It has to.’ Plans always work after the character says that.” “Do we have to hold our breath with the caps on?” “Better hold it just to be safe.” “On three?” One, two, three, and then they breathed, and dove. CHAPTER 28 John’s head surfaced first, then Merle’s. Each gasped for air, then Merle scrambled up this new shore as quickly as his old joints would allow and unzipped his bag, then the ziplock. Finchbriton fluttered out,

animals ready, but first I have to find Emily,” said Erno. “I screwed up.” Erno rose and crossed to the door, turned the handle. But it wouldn’t budge. “I can’t open the door,” Erno said into the radio. “Guys, something’s going on—I can’t leave my room.” Emily is in a different room, and she’s looking at Biggs there, sleeping. He sleeps standing up. He says he’s done it that way for a long time. Emily can’t remember how she got here. She can’t remember climbing up onto the desk. She’s holding a

the bubble.” In his room, Erno sat down, stood up again. “That’s it,” he said. “The bubble. Finding the centers of circles.” “Anyway,” Emily continued into the radio, “you found the remains of Merle’s time machine, and it taught you how to make magic milking machines, is that right? That’s how you’ve been stealing glamour all these years, storing it in batteries so that you can overload yourself and tear the rifts open, start your invasion, even if it kills you? But now … now you think it’s

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