Wolf-Speaker (Immortals #2)

Wolf-Speaker (Immortals #2)

Tamora Pierce

Language: English

Pages: 368

ISBN: 1416903445

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

When Daine is summoned by the wolf pack that saved her life a year earlier, she knows she has to go. She and Numair travel to Dunlath Valley to answer the call. But when they arrive, Daine realizes with a shock that it's not just the animals whose lives are threatened; people are in danger too. Dunlath's rulers have discovered black opals in their valley and are dead set on mining the magic these stones embody. Daine learns that Dunlath's lord and lady plan to use this power to overthrow King Jonathan -- even if it means irreversibly damaging the land and killing their workers.
On a mission to save both her animal friends and her human ones, Daine has to master her wild magic in order to fight for the kingdom and triumph over the would-be usurpers.

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are expanding, too.” Numair pointed over Daine’s shoulder. Here, in a direction she had not looked before, humans and ogres with axes were hard at work, cutting down trees and dragging the stumps from the ground. Now you see why we need you, Brokefang said, baring his teeth as he watched the tree cutting. This must stop. It will stop. Soon there will be no game, and everyone here will starve, even the ones who ordered this. “We need to learn more,” Numair replied. “We need to speak with those

Gift, riding hard on the road. Now Tristan has three of me to chase, and the ones that ride north and south will appear much more like the real me than I do.” But they will see Daine with only one of you, Cloud pointed out. The girl passed it on. The look on Numair’s face was one of smug satisfaction. “The magical cloak on my simulacra is very large, and very sloppy, enough to cover more than one person. Just the thing a sheltered academic like me would have for concealment, since I’m unused

black hair, and golden brown skin of a K’miri tribesman, dropped until he could hover a few feet away from Tkaa. His back was to Daine as the girl raised her bow. If he saw her, she would kill him before he could take word of her to Tristan. Cloud gently clamped her teeth on the elbow supporting the bow stock. Don’t, the mare warned. He hasn’t done anything to you. Yet, Daine replied silently. They’re evil, Cloud. You know they’re evil. There’s no such thing as a being who’s pure evil,

at this rate, he informed her when they were safely on the ground. They checked the inner enclosure: it was nearly empty. Horses were picketed in front of a low wooden building Daine guessed to be the commander’s office. A horse-boy dozed near his charges under the single tree allowed to grow inside the wall. He was the only human in view, though they heard others in the buildings. Everything was fairly new, built from raw wood. As well as the mess and command post, she identified a stable, a

“Enough!” the girl ordered. “We’re friends. That means you, Frostfur, and these horses. If you disobey, you’ll be sorry.” Frostfur met her eyes, then looked away. You are different, the wolf said. You and the pony both. I suppose you don’t even realize it. The pack never was the same after you left it. How much will you change us this time? Brokefang nuzzled his mate. It will be good, he told Frostfur. You’ll see. Take us to the pups. You’ll feel better when the pack is one again. Without

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